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Our physio will spend time with you discussing and bringing together important information such as medical history, presenting problem, current exercise the regime and your concerns and goals. They may also need to know details about your horse's farrier’s work, saddle fit and dentistry. Then, a thorough gait, functional movement and head to tail hands on assessment will provide us with key information to make an individualized treatment plan to help you and your horse achieve your goals.
To kickstart your journey to success, all consults will result with an individually tailored plan and therapeutic exercise program taking into account your needs, goals, abilities and limitations. By providing a plan, program and education, Equine 
Athlete Physio encourages and empowers you to take an active role in the physiotherapy management of your horse, and is considered by us to be key in achieving successful rehabilitation outcomes.
Bone, tendon, ligament and muscle injuries
Equine Athlete Physio utilizes many evidence-based techniques and modalities to help improve comfort, function and healing of musculoskeletal tissues, allowing development for the correct and optimal use of the natural equine skeleton. Common conditions we can help you with include but are not limited to: kissing spine, osteoarthritis, stifle lock, back pain, superficial digital tendon and suspensory injuries, sacroilliac dysfunction, muscle tears, and movement dysfunctions.

Types of treatment choices include:
· Therapeutic Exercise
· Active and passive joint mobilization
· Neural mobilization
· Kinesiology Taping
· Dry Needling
· Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation
· Myofacial release and soft tissue therapy
· Trigger point therap
· Therapeutic stretches

Additionally, physiotherapy can be used to help restore strength and mobility following joint arthroscopy, neurological impairment, abdominal surgery (colic), returning to work from spelling, wound recovery, and post fracture management.
Preventative Physiotherapy
Due to the nature of modern equestrian sport, it is natural that your horse might develop a little tightness here, a little overload there. Without the ability to verbally express these niggles, horses with small issues often end up manifesting into larger problems, to a point where the owner/rider begins to notice. Our physiotherapist is equipped with the knowledge and skill to use their hands and eyes to advocate for your horse, and address these small imbalances in the early stages, before becoming a problem. Additionally, preventative physiotherapy can provide peace of mind for the horse rider combination, knowing that your steed is feeling fresh and ready to push to the next level.
Performance Optimization
Equine athletes are no different to professional sports players. Physiotherapists can work with you to improve athletic performance through fine tuning balance, proprioception, coordination and reaction time. Equine Athlete Physio can help you achieve that true straightness, develop that uphill collection, and have a little more agility through cross country combinations. Whichever equine sport you choose, Equine Athlete Physio can deliver discipline specific training exercises to optimize training effect and unlock performance potential. Have you ever thought you could improve your straightness, suppleness, or collection? We would love to help you.


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